How To Deliver Engaging Video Presentations, with Ravi Rajani

Ravi Rajani helps leaders, sales professionals, and sales teams speak with confidence and become revenue-winning storytellers by delivering engaging, impactful, and signature virtual presentations.

Ravi Rajani Coaching & Consulting helps clients from around the world share their unique messages and stories in a way in which customers opt-in without being pushy, sleazy, or inauthentic. Ravi believes that the key to unlocking sales opportunities every time you communicate lies in crafting a signature presentation that connects, impacts and positions your offer as the only solution to solve your ideal client's problem.

In this week’s episode, Ravi shares how we can deliver engaging and powerful video presentations and overcome "Zoom fatigue".

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00:20 – Lui introduces this week’s episode sponsored by Vidyard  

03:58 – Ravi tells us how he began in the world of sales

06:07 – Presenting virtually is now the norm. Are you set up for invisible selling?

10:30 – Zoom fatigue and other The challenges salespeople experience with virtual selling

15:02 – How sales leaders can help their teams think about how the present

18:07 – Actions you need to take to create better experiences for your prospects

23:14 – Great selling is about unlocking incredible buying experiences

25:56 – “When you speak to the lens of your webcam, picture the eyes of a friend”

29:50 – ABS “Always Be Smiling”

30:40 – Connect with Ravi Rajani

31:04 – Thank you for listening!