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Prove that you have applied Sales OS, and if your pipeline hasn't doubled, we’ll work in your business with you to get the results we promised or refund your total investment.

“The passion, experience and knowledge delivered is second to none. The success that comes from their practice, tips and tricks is proven in my daily engagements as a Partner Account Manager."
Lara Samford

Lara Samford

Regional Partner Manager at LastPass

“I would highly recommend Luigi and the team. They are knowledgeable practitioners that are easy to work with and, after just a few weeks, have made a massive impact on our sales systems."

Katie Swick

Sales Enablement at Stripe

“I'm always looking for an edge, some new material, whether that be a line at the end of my email or a new intro or a new way of asking for a meeting.

Growth Forum is the place that helps me keep my edge and no.1 in sales at Convera.”
Carl Valeri

Carl Valeri

Ex-Socceroo | BDM at Convera

“I went from not knowing the fundamentals of a sales process and having fear of pushing through objections to then becoming one of the top sales reps at my company.”

Lucinda Johnston

Sales Executive at SprintSuite

“For the first time in my sales career, I hit 120% of my target as a result of completing the Sales OS program."

James Pickett

Sales Manager at DocuSign

"The team’s passion, experience and knowledge clearly show through during our sessions. Thank you for motivating our team and sharing key learnings to accelerate growth.

I strongly recommend that Growth Forum help you in sales enablement activities to achieve sales objectives".

Filippa Rusec

CCO at DB Schenker

“We've significantly increased our pipeline and boosted our bottom line. I highly recommend Sales OS to any business owner looking to drive sales fast. The investment in this program has paid for itself many times over.”

Costa Vasili

CEO of Ethnolink

“I was able to build a huge foundation of sales skills and completely change the way I approached my role. I immediately started booking more meetings and tripled my results!”

Naum Sekulovski

Sales at Food By Us

“I've struggled to get my team aligned and on target with Sales for months.

These guys delivered the tools to help me achieve our Quarterly Goals (we actually exceeded them by 43%).

I cannot recommend Growth Forum highly enough (unless you are one of our competitors 😉)"
Ash Bent

Ash Bent

Founder & CEO at Sketch & Etch

“The best use of my hour in a LONG TIME. The content was authentic, personable, and brought tons of value."
Cynthia Barnes

Cynthia Barnes

Founder & Keynote Speaker

“Our partners have the confidence to identify and proactively prospect into our ideal clients, and are self-generating new opportunities. Sales OS have become an extension to our enablement team.”

James Fielding

Head of Sales Enablement at Grant Thornton

“Luigi and the team are always really informative and provide very useful insights. Thanks Growth Forum!”
Stephen Luxmoore

Stephen Luxmoore

Director of Your HR System

“The Sales OS program has helped me generate 50% more net new opportunities."

Connor Bell

BDM at Hubspot

“The training is very informative. I felt a bit ashamed to realize all of my mistakes lol, but now super grateful that I can work with Growth Forum to fix them."
Ilay Ayhan Turkmen

Ilay Ayhan Turkmen

BDM at Your Parcel

“Sales OS is practical and immediately actionable. I highly recommend Growth Forum to any one or business looking to scale their sales"
Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt

CEO of WarHunt

“Working with David and team has been a flawless experience and am so happy ! Specifically the sales OS program, i learnt so much! 3x sales 🔥🚀"
Rebecca Veksler

Rebecca Veksler

Co-Founder of Four Rooms

“I went from not knowing the fundamentals of a sales process and having fear of pushing through objections to then becoming one of the top sales reps at LinkedIn for North America. I am always learning with Growth Forum.”

Val Perea

Account Executive at Linkedin

“I'm constantly getting gold nuggets everywhere within Growth Forum. Lot's to take away and super easy to implement straight away.”
Tom Ormerod

Tom Ormerod

Co-Founder of Luxico

“One of the key differences in working with Luigi is his ability to turn his knowledge into a practitioner led strategy.

Which really resonates with our senior leaders. It means that he can facilitate room and put things into practice, making these sessions both informative and truly impactful."
Regan Barker

Regan Barker

Head of Sales Enablement at Grant Thornton

“Loved the ability to ask questions during the skill sessions. Luigi does a great job encouraging interaction too."

Craig Cant

BDM at BCI Central

“We loved it! I was at dinner and overhead my team members telling our general manager how valuable they found Growth Forum.

Our team has long-time and new sales reps, so Luigi did a great job making the session relevant to each of us for areas of improvement."
Jane Susak

Jane Susak

Sales Manager of Essential Assessment

“This program was able to take us past theoretical sales into practical evidence based sales techniques and tactics, thank you Luigi and Dave.”

Sanji Kanagalingam

CEO of We Guide

“So I landed a major lead, which turned into a six figure deal. And Luigi helped guide me, on how to position myself and how to approach this pretty large account.

That then led to me being able to go all in on my business. So, I'm super thankful for all that he's done.

Don't be on the fence about working with him. He is not just a shrewd business person and sales person, but he's also very kind."
Charlotte Llyod

Charlotte Lloyd

Founder of Social Selling

“We all think we have some idea of sales, until we hear what Luigi and Growth Forum has to offer – this is a must for business owners and sales executives!"
Jamie Lingham

Jamie Lingham

CEO of Absolute Immigration

Is this Sydney based sales training for you?

Feeling like you're weighed down by your lack of sales? Unsure when your next deal will close?

Don't worry, you're not alone!

Imagine a world where you can predict revenue and convert prospects with ease.

Whether you're a founder or a sales rep working in a business generating approx. $1m to $20m+ range, there's still hope for you.

With the right systems and support, your journey to building predictable revenue can be smoother.

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Meet your coach.

Luigi Prestinenzi is a seasoned sales professional with over two decades of experience in the field.

He has honed his skills in a variety of industries, from tech, business services to consumer goods and worked with 100's of business from Sydney.

Throughout his career, Luigi has consistently proven himself to be a top-performing sales executive, exceeding targets and outperforming his peers.

His unique approach to sales combines traditional techniques with the latest technology-driven strategies.

In Sales OS, I’ll show you how to:

  • Build a predictable sales pipeline
  • How to build lasting relationships with clients
  • How to sell more in less time
  • Actually enjoy the craft of selling
  • The art of negotiation and closing deals
  • Motivating and leading a successful sales team
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Course Modules

The Sales OS Method For Building Predictable Revenue.

Building a Winning Mindset


Get ready to soak up wisdom from Luigi, a sales guru with over 20 years of experience, and David Fastuca, a business builder who’s spent 25 years honing sales systems. In this module, we cover why we are qualified to teach you and what you can expect through the program.

Building the Mindset for Success

These modules will teach you to focus on the activities you can control, ditch the quest for perfection, and remember that your self-worth isn’t tied to outcomes. With the right habits, you’ll build an unbeatable sales mindset, and we’ve even included a handy habit tracker template for you!

Sales First Principles

In these modules, we’re going to explore the difference between being reactive and proactive - it’s like the difference between panning for gold and waiting for it to fall in your lap. Plus, we’ll touch on some of the best practices that will make you thrive in the sales world.

Building Rapport

We’ll start with the basics of why establishing connections is so crucial, then move on to more effective communication strategies. We’ll share how active listening and body language can strengthen relationships. Plus, we’ll delve into how you can build trust with your clients.

Sell the way your customer wants to buy

Ready to tailor your sales style to meet your customer’s needs? In these modules, we’ll dive deep into DISC  to help you understand and sell to each style. Plus, we’ve included a handy DISC Assessment & Report tool to help you refine your approach and hit it out of the park every time!

Consultative Selling Methodology

Now, we’ll delve deep into key skills like acknowledging, questioning, confirming, responding, and checking. These techniques will help you engage with your customers in a more meaningful and effective way.

    Define Your Target Market

    Define Your Target Market

    Now, it’s time to zero in on your target market. We’re going to help you craft an ideal customer profile and a buyer persona that really converts. Not sure what to include? No worries, we’ve got you covered with templates and coaching to make your buyer persona and ICP really shine.

    Building your Sales Plan

    We’ll cover everything about why you need a sales plan and what needs to be in it. And don’t sweat the details - we’ve included some handy tools like a Sales Calculator and a Sales Plan template to make it a breeze. Let’s build this plan together and nail your go-to-market!

    Developing a Sales Process

    It’s time to wrap up everything you’ve learned so far into a solid and winning sales process. We’re going to dive into creating both outbound and inbound process maps. These tools will help you manage your sales more efficiently, helping you to save time and build more pipeline.

    Create Your Message Framework

    In these modules, we’ll guide you on how to create an effective message framework that speaks directly to your customers. Let’s get your message across in the most impactful way and break through those spam barriers!

    Power Prospecting Process

    Power Prospecting Process

    It’s time to master the art of prospecting! In these modules, we’ll cover winning strategies for email (including how to use the latest tech for crafting and grading emails), making calls, creating cadences, and using video. Plus, we’ll even help you define triggers with a handy worksheet.


    In these modules, we’ll explore how to use tools like Sales Navigator for list building and dive into data enrichment techniques to make sure you’re reaching out to the right people.


    Now, we’ll help you identify where your audience is, revamp your LinkedIn profile, and create content that resonates with your target market. It can be daunting, but with the right coaching, elevating your brand will help make you a go-to expert and make it even easier to generate more sales.

    Managing to Close

    Managing your first call [Discovery]

    Ready to ace your sales calls? In these modules, we’ll guide you on how to effectively plan your call, the questions to ask, and provide a discovery qualification framework to ensure you’re fully prepared.

    Post Meeting Process

    In these modules, we’ll delve into the important steps to take after a meeting, helping you understand how to process and use the information gathered during your discovery effectively. The goal is to ensure every meeting pushes you closer to your sales goals.

    Building & Presenting Your Proposal

    It’s critical to present your solution in the most compelling way. In this module, we’re providing a proposal presentation template to help you effectively communicate your solution to the customer. Make your presentations as powerful as your solutions.

    Managing Objections

    In these modules, we’ll cover everything from handling objections with a handy scorecard, dealing with stalled deals, pacing the first objection, and managing various types of objections. We’ll also guide you on setting follow-up calls and using pre-close reframes.

    Insight Led Nurturing

    Now we’ll explore why nurturing is crucial and how to do it effectively using insights to educate without direct call-to-actions. Plus, we’ll delve into why “never follow up” could be a game-changing strategy.

    Follow Up & Pipeline

    Next, we’ll discuss pipeline setup, the “Re-Offer” strategy, misconceptions around it, and a leadership-based follow-up approach. Plus, we’ll touch on how to handle call appointments and no-shows.

    Asking Skilled Questions [Advanced]

    In this advanced module, we’ll cover everything from understanding the pain points of your customer to asking background, doubt, financial, and solution questions. We’ll explore how to approach consequence & cost questions along with vision & desire questions.

    What you get with us...

    Lifetime Access
    Access to Sales OS + Plus Updates
    Secure your future success by getting lifetime access to our industry-leading Sales OS program, where you’ll unlock unlimited opportunities for sales growth.
    Trusted Partners
    Trusted Accountability Partners
    Dave and Luigi (our founders) are here to serve you as your personal trusted accountability partners, providing guidance and support within the Sales OS community.
    Sales Os Playbook
    Blueprint for Repeatable Sales
    We create you a custom sales playbook tailored to generate repeatable sales. With strategies, techniques, and insights specific to your target market.
    Shorten Sales Cycle
    Shorten Your Sales Cycles
    Expedite your sales cycles by leveraging data-driven strategies, refining your sales processes, and creating stronger relationships, ultimately boosting your bottom line.
    Sales Systems
    Systems That Are Easy To Setup
    Experience swift business transformation with our Sales OS systems, designed for easy implementation and even quicker to get the result you need.
    Our Promise
    Backed By An Unbeatable Guarantee
    Prove that you have applied Sales OS, and if your pipeline hasn't doubled, we’ll work in your business with you to get the results we promised or your money back.
    The Only 'Done With You' Sales Program
    Sales OS stands out in the market as the sole ‘Done With You’ sales program, providing unparalleled interactive guidance every step of the way, ensuring your success.
    Sales Playbook Reviews
    Improve your sales playbook with our regular reviews. Together we assess your teams performance, update strategies, and optimize your playbook for success.
    Full Access to ‘Skill Sessions’
    Unlock 47+ hours of our skill-building sessions. Learn, grow, and enhance your sales abilities at your own pace. Through masterclass sessions led by the best in sales.
    Group Coaching Sessions
    Join our group coaching sessions to learn directly from Luigi. Share your challenges and road blocks. Then workshop them together to boost your sales performance.
    Community Forum Access
    Connect with the Growth Forum Community Forum. Share insights, discuss strategies, and learn from the collective wisdom of the best sales focused community you’ll find.
    Templates, Frameworks & Cheat Sheets
    Simplify your sales process with our ready-to-use templates, frameworks and Cheat-Sheet. Just copy, personalize, and implement them to save time and get more sales.

    How do I know if this is for me?

    Sales OS is not for you if...

    You're more interested in doing things "your own way" and aren't willing to listen to outside feedback. We only teach proven systems that we 100% know work and have executed them ourselves.

    You want to stay anonymous. This program focuses on helping people stand out and create a loyal community of dream customers.

    You care more about following the latest business "hacks" than using proven systems to accomplish your revenue goals. We rely on mentorship, a community of fellow sellers and founders to help you achieve your goals.

    You're looking for a "quick fix" for your sales problems. This program will help you build predictable revenue. It's going to take work on your end and it takes time to implement.

    Sales OS is for you if...

    You’re a seller or founder who cares about creating predictable revenue and wants to level up and make serious sales.

    You want a structured approach to selling using our proven Power Prospecting Process, tools and systems to increase efficiency.

    This program is designed for only those who are ‘Do’ers’ those who implement and are resilient. We are going to share with you the frameworks I learned the hard way.

    You know that the real magic is in the execution. You like to action what you learn and stay accountable to your goals.

    You want proven frameworks, insights, and tools for scaling sales pipeline and avoiding fatal mistakes.

    You want to grow your sales and revenue without burning yourself out or sacrificing your health and well-being.

    Our promise to you.

    We guarantee if you don’t double your pipeline, we’ll work with you for free until you achieve these results. And if we can’t achieve those results, we'll refund your investment. As a core value of ours is ethical selling. Our process is proven and has been shown to deliver incredible results in any economic environment.
    A roadmap for repeatable sales
    Quick and easy systems to implement and action
    24/7 Accountability with Luigi and Dave (Founders)
    Access to the best sales minds across the globe
    Ability to workshop any roadblocks via chat and calls
    Systems implemented on a 'done with you' process
    Create your support group to achieve your goals
    Proven way to shorten your sales cycles
    Consistently hit your sales and growth targets
    Cut the amount of time your currently selling in half
    All of templates, frameworks and scripts you need
    Weekly coaching calls to collaborate on challenges


    How long is the course?
    This course consists of eight in-depth modules you can digest at your own pace.
    I recommend taking one to two modules a week to allow time for you to absorb and apply what is shared in each lesson. Each module also comes with corresponding assignments to help solidify the principles and systems shared.
    Can I enroll my team?
    100% you can, in fact that is the fastest way we have seen companies get results. when you have the whole sale steam onboard a proven proven, the results will sky rocket. Just mention how many of your team that you want to have access during your application.
    How is this course delivered?
    The modules are view-at-your-own-pace videos. Get access to bi-weekly live Q&A sessions with Luigi and Dave (our founders) and you can ask unlimited questions to the Sales OS private community.
    When can I start the course?
    You can begin immediately after applying and getting approval to join. If you’re ready to get started now, just scroll up and click the apply to join button.
    Can I pass this on as a business expense?
    Yes, this course does count as a business expense. You will receive a payment receipt in your email upon joining. Make sure you save this receipt as proof of purchase. We have even created an email template that you can copy and edit - click here to view
    What will I be capable of doing after the program?
    You will have the exact blueprint you need for growing predictable revenue. You’ll also be given systems that can reduce your day-to-day selling workload by up to 30-50%.