#211 Michael Miller - Unraveling the Secrets of Sales Success

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In episode #122 of How to Sell, we sit down with Michael Miller, the Chief Investment Officer of Crewcial Partners. Michael shares his journey in the investment sector and how he secured a remarkable $500 million account from a client.

Drawing from his extensive 23 years of experience, Mike emphasizes the significance of relationship building and trust in the world of sales.

Discover the strategies used by Michael to influence stakeholders and gain consensus. It’s not just about selling a product, but also about educating and providing value to others.

We dive deeper into the concept of recency bias and how trust and rapport play a crucial role in managing emotions during adverse market conditions. Learn why doubling down on growth when the market is turning can be a game-changing strategy.

Throughout the episode, Michael highlights the critical role of belief in sales success and how it fosters a better connection with customers. Ultimately, making them more receptive to your product or service.

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(00:00) Preview
(00:30) The Importance of Building Relationships in Sales
(07:51) Navigating Sales Cycles and Building Trust with Prospects
(11:30) The Importance of Respect in Sales
(18:18) How Everything Moves in Cycles
(20:30) Building Trust Through Domain Expertise
(24:21) The Importance of Belief in Sales

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