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Strap in for the next 30 minutes as Rosalyn catches up with mover and shaker Elay Cohen! Recognized as one of the world's top sales experts, Elay not only co-founded SalesHood, he also authored top-selling books Enablement Mastery and SalesHood!

Elay is on a mission to impact sales revenue with sales enablement and improve the working environment's future! Elay really walks the talk – this month, the team at SalesHood is unplugging and recharging with two days off as a big thanks for the hard work the team puts in! Anyone else pulling out their resume???? Who wouldn't want to join an organization that not only looks after their team, but also reduces time to ramp, increases quota attainment, accelerates sales velocity, and drives growth and revenue outcomes!

Tune in and try to keep up as Elay recounts his remarkable journey, from learning sales skills from his dad to VP of Sales Productivity at Salesforce, sharing lots of pro tips to fire up your revenue engine!

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