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This week we welcome sales guru Ronell Richards to the podcast. Ronell is a genius who was born selling, having spent his whole life in the field Ronell knows how to succeed in the world of selling. With the difficulties we are all facing due to COVID-19. Ronell’s story and mindset can help inspire you to #bethebestyoucanbe.

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Where you can find Ronell:


[03:10] - How Ronell Richards got into the world of sales

[07:30] - In Ronell Richards' experience growing up were there any tough times selling

[09:30] - The makings of an entrepreneur

[15:40] - The difference between leadership and management

[16:50] - Developing the next generation of salespeople

[20:10] - If you're struggling with coaching or being led, what can you do?

[29:20] - The behaviours and attributes of high performers

[35:50] - maintaining a positive mindset

[39:50] - Sales: an art or science

[42:35] - Biggest influence in Ronell’s career

[45:30] - where you can find Ronell

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