Achieving Success Through A Positive Mindset, with Lee Rozins

This week we welcome special guest, Lee Rozins.

Born and raised in New York Lee now lives in San Fransico working as the head of sales for Cheetah, the leading e-commerce solution for Small-Medium Business supplies. Lee has an astounding sales career and has done some incredible things ranging from being the #1 highest performing salesperson company-wide at Singleplatform to scaling his sales to by 11X from 4 to 45 people and their revenue by 10X to about 170 million in annualised sales.

This week we talk about the mindset and the mentality that Lee discovered enabling him to become a master of his craft and how you can go about implementing this mentality in your own life to achieve success and take the next step in your career.

Where you can find Lee:


[04:30] - How Lee entered into the world of sales

[08:20] - Understanding the need for self improvement

[10:10] - The struggle of not meeting personal expectations

[11:45] - Lee’s current role at Cheetah

[14:50] - The mindset you should implement in your life to achieve success

[18:20] - What Lee looks for in an employee

[23:30] - The data behind why you should be calling people more than once

[28:20] - The biggest influence in Lee’s career