Adapting to High Pressure Environments, with Waldo Waldman

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This week we welcome Waldo Waldman. Waldo is an Ex-fighter pilot for the US Airforce. In his career Waldo has faced adversity, challenges and high pressure situations. This week Waldo is here to help coach you on different way's that you can push forward under high pressure situations and #bethebestyoucanbe

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[04:20] - Waldo’s journey from pilot to business professional

[07:10] - Overcoming the mindset which holds you back

[09:33] - Strategies to build resilience

[12:50] - Dealing with feeling unprepared

[14:45] - Managing emotion in a high pressure situation

[17:00] - The most difficult part of Waldo’s career and the steps you should take to overcome fear

[28:05] - Waldo’s adaption to the COVID pandemic

[33:20] - The most common thing that holds people back from being able to  #bethebestyoucanbe

[37:05] - Biggest influence in Waldo’s career