Are You Asking the Right Questions, with Richard Harris

Are you asking the right questions?

The first 7 – 8 seconds of your first call are so critical – they are the difference between opening the door to give you the opportunity to start building a relationship or another lead dropping out of your pipeline.

And once you’ve opened the door, if you are not building rapport and directly showing a prospect how you can provide value – they are not going to be interested in meeting you to further the conversation on what you can do for them.

Joining the podcast this week is Richard Harris. With over 20 years of sales experience Richard is the expert on getting into first meetings, and with his guidance, we learn the key tips and tricks to nail those first calls and start filling your funnel.

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[02:10] – Richard’s journey into sales

[06:10] – The inspiration for Richard to start his business

[09:30] – What great salespeople do that make them stand out

[12:12] – Creating a burning desire in your team

[15:20] – If there’s still no desire, it’s time to make them aware

[17:20] – How we can provide value at the start of the sales process

[19:20] – Questions to help you get that first meeting

[23:02] – Building rapport and the relationship to give you the right to ask those deeper questions

[28:28] – What you can do to create value

[31:40] – what points are you targeting with your questions

[32:45 ]– Is this just B2B or can we also use it for B2C?

[36:30] – Creating the right recipe to reach for success

[38:32] – Debriefing your sales team

[41:11] – Questions to gain commitment to the sale

[43:24] – MUST do’s in the sales process

[44:36] – MUST never do in the sales process

[44:24] – Is sales a science or art?

[49:16] – The biggest influence in Richard’s sales career

[51:53] – What Richard would do differently