Asking the Right Questions

Have you ever stumbled when you’ve finally been able to speak to a prospect in the C-Suite? Were you intimidated by their position of power and it threw you off enough that you botched your pitch?

In this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl speaks with the brilliant Matt Reuter, Sales Development Leader at GTT. Darryl and Matt discuss the importance of being able to craft the right questions. They go over ways to avoid getting simple yes or no answers, and how to create the proper structure for questions that will bring you nearer to closing those deals. They also talk about important tips such as the value of listening to your recordings, as well as deftly handling objections with questions that keep the conversation going. It’s all right here on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!

About Darryl's guest:

Matt Reuter is a Sales Development manager for GTT, with over 4 years of Sales Development experience in the telecom industry. Matt spent 2 years on the phone as an SDR and worked his way up to manage teams. He has a passion for finding and training the next evolution of salespeople. Connect with him on LinkedIn.


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