Attitude: The Secret Weapon of Sales, with Brandon Bornancin

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Attitude: The secret weapon of a sales professional

One of a sales professional’s most valuable tools is the attitude they bring to the table. Having a positive attitude and a buyer’s mindset allows for you to sell more effectively, learn from your mistakes and move to the next level of selling while those around you cannot.

This week Brandon Bornancin joins the podcast to discuss his career in sales. As the founder and CEO of ‘Seamless.AI’, Brandon has a love for helping people through the sales process. Listening to Brandon, you can hear the passion he has for his craft.

When tuning in to this podcast, I want you to pay attention to his motivations and beliefs on attitude so you will be able to take that step next step and become a better sales leader.

Places you can find Brandon:


[01:06] – Brandon explains his journey into sales and his experiences as CEO of both a successful and a failed company…

[13:10] – Hold the presses! Brandon is writing a new book!

[15:30] – The most important learnings Brandon has taken from leaders in the sales industry

[19:45] – The importance of attitude and energy when building pipeline

[27:40] – Brandon discusses the effectiveness of cold outreach in 2019

[30:20] – The best things you can do to get more engagement with your prospects

[42:20] – How effective a positive mindset can be in day-to-day life

[52:05] – The biggest influence in Brandon’s career


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