Be Your Own Walking Billboard

There is a proven way to increase your exposure and grow your clientele – promote your brand.

This week on INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl is joined by the founder of Create the Brand and marketing advisor extraordinaire, Kenyetta Gordon. Darryl and Kenyetta discuss some actionable advice on how you can improve the visibility of your brand and attract more clients. They also offer simple ways to create content, as well as valuable tips on winning more deals by employing empathy. Learn how to be your own walking billboard on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!


About Darryl's guest:

Kenyetta L Gordon is the founder of Create The Brand, and former elected Chairwoman of the Atlanta Technical College Marketing Dept Advisory Board. Recently, her company was awarded 2019 Best of Atlanta Award in the Marketing Consultant Category. Her proven track record for leading interactive workshops and strategically executing the vision of her clients has prompted many to refer to her as their "Real-Life Olivia Pope of brand communications." Kenyetta's drive to see others succeed and her experiences in brand development has led her to compose her signature workshop titled, "Are You Your Walking Billboard?".

With an educational background in business management and marketing, she has become recognized as an expert in Organizational Culture with an emphasis in Brand Culture and Merger Acquisition. The "No Cookie-cutter Culture" strategy, focuses on developing a strategic plan for companies with an emphasis on brand loyalty which should be streamlined internally and externally.

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