Building a Winning Team through a Winning Culture with Dini Mehta, CRO at Lattice

“Optimize for culture and people over pipeline”, says Dini Mehta, the Chief Revenue Officer at Lattice, the people management platform that empowers people leaders to build engaged, high performing teams. And what a perfect fit of leader, role, and company!

Dini is a leader who values culture and people over growth and understands that when you build a winning culture and a winning team, revenue growth will happen.

In the latest episode of The Revenue Engine Podcast, Dini shares her advice for other revenue leaders. But also, as a woman of color in a C-level role, leading a revenue organization in tech, she shares her “three rules” to help other women looking to elevate their career and continue to “climb the ladder”.

Take a listen and learn more from this amazing leader.  Get ready to be inspired!

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