Closing: Nothing Nutty…Just Ask, with Anthony Iannarino

No matter what you are selling your customer will go through a buying process. As a sales professional, it is our job to understand this buying process and the ways in which we approach customers to ensure we are doing everything we can to successfully help them through this process.

Joining us this week is Anthony Iannarino. Regarded as the number one thought leader globally in B2B sales and having written three best sellers, Anthony has shown he knows his stuff. Today he shares with us his knowledge on the buying process and how to successfully close more clients.

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Time Stamps:

[00:40] – Anthony introduces himself and discusses how he ended up in sales

[05:20] – Perceptions on sales people

[08:40] – The hustler’s playbook

[11:10] – How important creating value is in the sales process

[14:40] – Anthony’s definition of closing

[15:50] – A discussion on some of the commitments made when helping customers through the buying process

[16:30] – The commitment for time

[21:20] – The commitment to explore change

[25:00] – The commitment to collaborate

[29:30] – The commitment to reach a consensus

[33:55] – The commitment to resolve

[39:00] – Why are people so afraid to ask for sale in a simple manner

[41:10] – The importance of attitude and mindset when working with customers throughout the buying and selling process

[43:40] – Sales: an art or a science?

[48:50] – Anthony’s biggest influence

[52:00] – If you could go back in time what would you do differently?

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