Coaching and Self-Development, with Andy Paul

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This week we welcome Andy Paul to the Sales IQ Podcast.

Andy is a sales expert who has a key focus on sales development and coaching, hosting his own podcast 'Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul' he has developed his understanding and sales skills to an extremely high level.

This week Luigi and Andy discuss coaching and how you can focus on self-improvement so that you can continue on your journey as a high-level sales professional.

Where you can find Andy:



[05:45] - Andrews Journey into the world of selling

[10:30] - The key to developing great Sales Coaches

[18:30] - Your mission as a sales professional  

[24:20] - The steps leading to self-improvement

[29:15] - Learning to accept feedback

[32:50] - Developing a coaches perspective

[43:20] - Sales: Art or Science?

[45:20] - Biggest influence in Andy's career