Coaching's Bankable Role in Sales Performance, with David Pearson

How can you level-up on value creation if you don't have a sales leader showing you the way? What about building your commercial acumen? Or sharpening your outbound calls?

With all of the tech available today, self-coaching is a more accessible and powerful tool than ever. All you need is to define what "quality" looks like and take the time to reflect.

This week Luigi is joined by David Pearson who started his career at Miller Heiman. These days he is CEO at Level Five Selling, and a sales coaching evangelist.

Luigi and David chat about the opportunity that reflection creates at every stage of your career, whether you have a coach, are a coach, or are flying solo.

Connect with David on LinkedIn or by phone +1 630 808 6516. The Level Five Selling book trilogy can be found on Amazon.

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