Community and Why it Matters, with Jared Robin

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The global pandemic has changed the way we interact with prospects and customers. What we learned through the pandemic is how important human connection is. Technology is playing a more significant role in our lives and being connected and engaged in the community is more important than ever before.

This week, Luigi is joined by Jared Robin, Co-Founder of RevGenius, a community that has grown to be one of the largest sales professional communities.

Jared discusses why every sales professional needs to build a community and why selling is more than just a transaction. Sellers who focus on just making sales will often find while they may make make a sale, they are not creating a customer. Customers are those who buy more than once and often become advocates for what you do.

Tune into this episode to learn how Jared went from 0 to 12,000 members in under twelve months.

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