Creative Marketing Strategies for Sales with Morgan Ingram

Welcome to this episode of the Skalable Growth podcast, where we dive into the topic of using content to create pipeline with Linkedin Top Voice Morgan Inrgam.

Morgan shares his story as an SDR who used content to to fill his pipeline to now helping companies build their content strategy to drive greater awareness. Morgan emphasizes the importance of authenticity, personal connection, and useful insights when trying to engage with your audience. Morgan shares the Angel Falls method of repurposing content to keep it flowing and how quality is about being thoughtful, not necessarily high production value.

4 Biggest Takeaways:

1. Authenticity and personal connection are highly valued by audiences on LinkedIn. Personal stories and experiences can perform better than more traditional tactical content.

2. Repurposing content is an effective way to keep content flowing and generate new ideas. It also doesn't require high production value.

3. The speaker recommends identifying what you want to be known for and creating five pillars of content to support that overall theme. Documenting process and sharing that content can also be an effective approach to content creation.

4. Generating leads can involve methods such as referrals, hosting a podcast, video, and cold calling. Groundswell prospecting and connecting with sales reps on LinkedIn can also be beneficial when approaching selling into a big company.

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