Customizing Your Path

In this digital age, it can be so easy to lose sight of what we want to achieve, and how we plan to get there. Distractions come at a rapid pace and saturate our daily feeds. All too often they are filled with quick fix shortcuts that misdirect and derail our best efforts. Thankfully, there’s hope.

On this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl speaks with Scott Einaugler, the extremely successful Sales Manager at Informatica. Scott provides some terrific and actionable gems that will help you to focus on your process. He’ll discuss ways to separate yourself from the noise, the importance of preparation, and how to keep your pipeline robust with a mutli-touch strategy.

Scott also mentions ways to time-block your day, as well as tips on how to form a solid connection with your prospect. It’s all here on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales.

About Our Guest: Scott Einaugler

With over 15 years of sales experience spanning recruitment, digital marketing, and technology, Scott currently manages the Enterprise and Strategic Accounts team at Informatica responsible for finding new opportunities and closing deals. Under his leadership, the organization is consistently focused on impactful outreach that will lead to qualified opportunities.

Trained in the Sandlers sales methodology, Scott is keenly aware of the importance of providing value in every outreach and works closely with his members to ensure they follow a similar approach Scott is also a skilled public speaker and has been hired to conduct several company offsite events on topics including “Ask The Right Questions” and “The Importance of Active Listening” Please reach out any time to learn more at

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