Defining and Nailing It: Omni-Channel Prospecting, with Mario Martinez

With the constant change our customers face daily, the increased uptake of technology and busy being the new norm, we must continue to evolve our strategies to ensure that we are reaching our prospects and increasing our conversion rates.

This week Mario Martinez Jr. joins the podcast to discuss omni-channel prospecting, what it is and how you can incorporate it into your current sales strategies.

Mario Martinez:

Mario is a sales expert, having been named one of 2019’s top sales influencers he has spent most of his life in sales, Mario knows what works and what doesn’t. A confident speaker and super knowledgeable, he is passionate about helping Sale Professionals increase their sales knowledge and adopt additional channels in their sales process.

Places you can find Mario:



[02:10] – Mario Introduces himself and his journey into sales

[05:20] – What Mario did at the start of his career that made him successful

[07:45] – Is Mario still a learner of sales?

[12:30] – No room for complacency in sales

[15:40] – What is omni-channel prospecting?

[18:30] – Understanding omni-Channel prospecting and how you can use it

[24:50] – The importance of personalising your message and who should be responsible for it

[28:50] – The PVC sales methodology

[34:50] – The BVBV strategy

[37:45] – What should we stop doing immediately as sales professionals

[42:05] – Biggest influence on Mario

[44:30] – Sales: art or science?