Defining Revenue Operations with Evan Liang, CEO & Co-Founder of LeanData

I am so excited to share this episode of The Revenue Engine Podcast where we chat with Evan Liang, the Co-Founder and CEO of Lean Data.

LeanData is an awesome company that helps companies improve the buyer experience, accelerate time-to-revenue and increase operational alignment.

When I was asked to start the Revenue Engine podcast there were a handful of inspirational leaders that immediately came to mind. Given what I know about Evan and about LeanData, of course I reached out to him and asked him to be a guest!


00:35 - Introducing Evan Liang

02:39 - Solving the issue of poor data & launching LeanData

05:40 - Defining the term "Revenue Operations"

06:42 - LeanData's mission & where the market category is heading

11:41 - The role of data & operations play in revenue growth

14:55 - How did LeanData position itself as the market leader?

18:53 - The importance of listening to the customer

20:34 - Recognizing Ops Professionals: the idea behind Ops Stars

27:27 - The challenges posed by COVID on LeanData

30:31 - The Key elements that have contributed to LeanData's high growth and key lessons

34:07 - Two things we didn't know about Evan Liang

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