Developing a Mindset for What's Possible, with Chris Muddell

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This week we welcome special guest Chris Muddell to the podcast, Chris is a sales expert who has spent the last 7 years building his skills and developing his sales knowledge.

Having been the top seller in his company for multiple years Chris has developed an amazing approach to selling and is here today to share with us how you can become the #1 seller in your business.

Where you can find Chris:


[04:35] - Chris' Journey into the world of sales

[05:36] -  The accolades Chris has earned through his 7 years of selling

[08:10] - The challenges that are specific to sales

[09:20] - The motivation for taking that leap into the sales world

[11:20]- Turning Sales Into a winnable game

[13:40] - Chris' rhythm for sales success

[16:20] - Working through rejection while achieving success

[18:40] - The reason why sales hasn't changed.

[28:50] - The impact of reducing your sales time

[31:20] - Maintaining the motivation to be the #1 performer

[34:40] - Biggest influence in Chris' career

[37:00] - Sales: Science or Art?

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