Developing Ultra Habits for Success, with RJ Singh

What does it take to develop the right habits? We're all Professional Salespeople who know our strengths and weaknesses, right? And in the quest for continuous improvement, we all know we can improve some of those negative habits.... During this episode Luigi talks with RJ Singh, Host of the Ultra Habits Podcast about the mindset required to create the right habits.

As well as being the host of his own podcast, RJ has also achieved incredible success as a sales professional, being one of the countries top performers in his industry. RJ lives a very disciplined lifestyle, with heath and fitness at the core of what he does.

He pushes himself outside of his comfort-zone by running in marathons, trail runs and is always trying to challenge himself to be the best he can be.

RJ's journey hasn't always been smooth sailing. Earlier in his career, RJ allowed his bad habits dictate his lifestyle and it wasn't a pretty picture....

This is a great episode for anyone looking for ways to improve, looking for ways to be the best they can be.

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