Do You Word Vomit?

When you have a new prospect, do you calmly engage with them, or do you let emotion take the lead and deluge them with an onslaught of information?

This week on INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl welcomes the award-winning and brilliant rockstar head of Blue Chip CRO, Ed Porter. Darryl and Ed talk about how many deals can be lost when sales professionals pounce on a prospect, inadvertently pushing them away with pitches. They also discuss how to avoid the dreaded word vomit, offering such advice as improving your self-awareness, making use of scripting principles, and utilizing conversational analytics to measure talk time.

Learn how to show restraint and keep your prospects engaged on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales! --- Ed began his professional management career in 2001 and has since led teams from 5 to over 1,000 people with responsibilities for sales, customer experience, and marketing functions.Ed has worked for service, software, and distribution companies learning the foundations of delivering a powerful customer experience while driving value and effectiveness in the sales and development channels. Ed currently helps companies as a consultant and fractional leader execute efficient and effective sales, marketing and customer experience processes.

He has participated, facilitated and chaired several executive groups centred on sales management, contact centre management, and technology innovation. Ed has been a keynote speaker and guest speaker focused on sales strategy and customer management programs.Ed helped relaunch the Columbus Chapter AA-ISP in 2015 and has served as the chapter President since.

He has been recognized as a three-time Top 25 Most Influential Sales Leader, Executive of the Year, Innovator of the Year, Excellence in Execution, Top 100 Sales Coaches to Watch, and a three-time Chapter of the Year award winner.Ed has taken an active role in both the sales and local communities by serving as a mentor for #GirlsClub as well as multiple nonprofit boards. He currently sits on the Advisory Board for Bandalier and is an investor and advisor for Seamless.AI

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