Donald C Kelly Makes Social Selling Personal

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Social selling is the promised land it's cracked up to be–let's make sure you're doing it right.

In this episode, Darryl's guest is Donald C Kelly, The Chief Sales Evangelist. Join them as they discuss why social selling is the antidote to forgettable sequences, exactly how to get started, tactics to create convertible connections, the S word (sharing), the best ways to catch attention, and most importantly of all-what not to do.


Find Donald on LinkedIn, or at He's also on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok as Donald C Kelly.

His podcast is called The Sales Evangelist.

Buy his book Sell It Like a Mango on Amazon here.

Catch Casey Cheshire on Episode 204 Games People Play, and Thibault Souyris on episode 193 Don't Stop Outreachin'.

Connect with Darryl on LinkedIn.


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