Driving Predictable Revenue by Combining Science and Technology with a Human-Centered Approach with Steven Schmidt, CEO and Founder at TIDAL

Building top-of-funnel demand and predictable revenue is always top of mind for all executives, especially revenue leaders. But it’s not always easy.

As Steven Schmidt, the CEO and Founder at Tidal says, “Top of funnel, if done right, earns you a spot for the rest of the funnel”.

In this episode of the Revenue Engine podcast, Steven shares how you can leverage the science of high-tech solutions with the art of human communication to provide solutions to fill - and accelerate - the sales funnel.

Steve also shares how posting and sharing content on social media, specifically LinkedIn, earned his team the right to executive-level conversations with accounts that quickly turned into customers.

Grab a pen or pencil and get ready to learn how to drive better and more predictable revenue!


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