Engaging Your Inbound Marketing Leads, with Darryl Praill

This week we welcome Darryl Praill. Daryl is a marketing genius who has devoted his time to the brand VanillaSoft. “A sales engagement platform like no other!” In this episode Luigi and Darryl explore the facts and statistics gathered by VanillaSoft and the ways in which you can increase your engagement with marketing qualified leads.

Where you can find Darryl Praill:


[04:30] - Daryl’s journey into the world of selling

[08:20] - The key quotas that Daryl has to meet

[11:15] - Marketing qualified leads vs Sales qualified leads

[17:30] - The length of time it takes to engage with your leads

[22:30] - How many leads should be inbound vs outbound?

[25:00] - The amount of leads it takes to engage with your prospect

[28:30] - Understanding how to communicate with your leads

[33:25] - What you should be doing to improve your engagement with your leads

[39:30] - Sales: Art or Science?

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