Fall in Love with the Problem

There are million and one ways to overcome obstacles, but have you ever tried falling in love with the problem? This week on INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl is joined by David Priemer, the Founder of Cerebral Selling and best-selling author of "Sell the Way You Buy". Darryl and David discuss how the strategy of falling in love with the problem can be a very successful tactic to actually increasing sales and growing your number of clients. They also share practical advice on how to sell using emotion rather than features and putting the focus on your prospect instead of your product. Learn how to succeed through loving the problem on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!


About Darryl's guest:

Like most of us, David Priemer never thought he'd end up in sales! He started his career tinkering with test tubes and differential equations as an award-winning research scientist before spending the next 20 years leading top-performing sales teams at high-growth technology companies including Salesforce, where he was the Vice President of Commercial Sales and creator of the Sales Leadership Academy program.

Today, as the Founder and Chief Sales Scientist of Cerebral Selling, David's unique science and empathy-based approaches to driving revenue and talent growth have been published in the Harvard Business Review as well as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. magazines. Often referred to as the "Sales Professor", David is also the author of the Bestselling book, Sell The Way You Buy, and an Adjunct Professor at the Smith School of Business at Queen's University. David holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry and Atmospheric Science from York University and a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto. When he's not thinking about Sales, David loves to cook, write, and spend quality family time with his wife and three daughters.

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