Finding Your Tribe, with Seth Godin

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This week we welcome author and marketing legend Seth Godin to the podcast. Seth is an expert in sales and marketing and understands what it means to #bethebestyoucanbe.

Seth has written multiple books on sales and marketing including works such as 'The Purple Cow' and 'What to Do When It's Your Turn (And it's Always Your Turn). With all his experiences you can bet that there is a vast amount of knowledge to be gained from listening to this episode.

Where you can find Seth:


[03:30] - How Seth got into Marketing and Business

[05:05] - Why Zig Zigglar is Seth’s hero

[07:00] - Were there times where sales was particularly challenging??

[09:20] - The importance of a mindset and empathy

[10:50] - The importance of putting the customer first

[13:20] - The balance between asking for referrals and providing the customer with the perfect experience

[15:35] - The importance of identifying the problem

[19:00] - The inspiration for Seth’s books

[23:15] - How Seth gets the inspiration to create new content every day

[25:40] - Is sales an art or science?

[26:55] - Was intuition a big part of Seth’s success?

[28:10] - Is there anything that Seth would do differently

[29:20] - The next big thing

[30:40] - Advice for upcoming Marketers

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