Harvesting Sales Success, with Nigel Green

This week we welcome Nigel Green to the Sales IQ podcast. Nigel is a sales expert who understands the sales process and how we can succeed as sales professionals.

In this week's episode, Luigi and Nigel discuss the need for salespeople to plan out their week and the importance of preparation when it comes to the sales process.

Make sure you have your notepads ready because this week's episode has a heap of nuggets for you to take in so that you can improve your sales skills and take another step towards becoming a master seller.

Where you can find Nigel:





[04:12] - Nigel's journey into the world of selling

[05:05] -  Understanding your success style

[08:15] - Understanding the characteristics of a high performer

[10:50] - Creating the environment to lift your team to the next level

[13:30] - Are we setting up our salespeople for failure?

[16:00] - Is there something broken in the sales process?

[18:05] - Taking that first step when building a sales plan

[22:00] - the importance of creating a weekly plan as a sales professional

[25:30] - The need for salespeople to take a moment and reflect after an opportunity

[28:50] - The need for preparation when it comes to the sales process

[33:50] - The unexpected answer to if sales is a science or art

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