Have a Plan, Work the Plan

Do you have a plan when you start your daily sales routine? Do you know who you’re going to contact, how you’ll contact them, what you’ll say, and how you’ll respond to their objections? Are you prepared for battle?

One does not simply enter the world of sales without having a plan in place. Planning is critical for SDRs, and too many of them are going into battle without a plan, and they’re dying on the battlefield as a result.

On this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl brings in Kevin Kelly, Co-Founder of Pace Digital Solutions to discuss the importance of creating a solid plan. From the mindset, we need to begin with and covering areas such as the pre-call stage, call execution, and post-meeting documentation. Darryl and Kevin also discuss how to be intentional, and offer suggestions to help you drill down, sort your objectives, and create a solid plan for success!

  • A business consultant, specializing in building and developing high performing sales and management teams.
  • An experienced sales leader with over 25 years of selling and directing teams in outside and inside sales.
  • In previous senior leadership roles with Pitney Bowes, was responsible for driving a performance culture of success with the development of a clear identity, strong employee engagement, and deliberate individual coaching programmes.
  • In creating this environment for success, ensured and highlighted that the value and importance of developing the management team was a top priority.
  • As a business owner supporting clients in the UK can offer strong operational expertise with a relentless focus on building a “Best in Class” mentality and capability through People, Process and Technology.

Connect with Kevin: LinkedIn Link: www.linkedin.com/in/kmkelly1/Guest EmailPaced Digital Sales website