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In the next 36 minutes you're going to learn a little about a lot.

Ollie Whitfield (Demand Generation Team Lead @ VanillaSoft) joins Darryl this week, and he's here to magic Autoklose's Growth Month events into the podcast version of a lunchable. In between banter, Darryl and Ollie break down the top takeaways from the 47 sessions across six key topics: prospecting, sales skills, brand, acquisitions, bootstrapping, and leadership.


Find Ollie on LinkedIn, Twitter, or at the VanillaSoft website.

Grab the 47 Growth Month sessions on the Autoklose website here.

Those names again: Josh Braun, Belal Batrawy, Sam McKenna, Jason Bay, Richard Vanderblom, Daniel Disney, Vivica von Rosen, Tyler Lessard, and Ryan O'Hara.

Find that Brand Archetypes blog here.

Connect with Darryl on LinkedIn.

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