How to Build a $100M Company Using Cold Email, with Guillaume Moubeche

You are working long hours. Hustling and grinding to build your pipeline. Have limited money in the bank. Questioning if you will be able to build a business and make it happen. Then a few years later, private equity knocks on your door and says..."Here is $30M dollars to help scale your company". What do you do?

In this episode, G - the CEO and Founder of Lemlist discusses why he turned down $30M in funding by bootstrapping his way to becoming a unicorn, in a category where there are some big players with deep pockets.

Tune in as G talks about his journey so far and how he used his marketing capability and cold email to create a $100M company. But don't be fooled, his journey hasn't all been smooth sailing, so turn up the volume on this great episode with lots of learning for every sales professional who is trying to master the art of selling and be the best they can be.

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