How to Close 6 and 7 Figure Deals, with Daniel Lefebvre

The Sales Professionals of today, have an abundance of content to help them be the best they can be. There are podcasts, YouTube videos, and LinkedIn content from incredible thought leaders every day.

During this episode, Luigi delves deep into how Daniel Lefebvre, an inspiring sales professional puts together incredible 6 and 7 figure deals selling complex software solutions, and how you can emulate his success.

So get a pen and popcorn, as this episode delivers sensational value and will help you close more deals and brings you a special opportunity.

00:26 - Luigi introduces why this podcast is so unique

01:33 - Message about our sponsor

02:56 – How Daniel Lefebvre started in the world of selling and what he believes selling is truly about

05:19 - Daniel deals and how it takes a team of professionals to help customers achieve their goals

07:43 - A day in the life of a high performing sales professional

09:15 – The right mindset helps mundane administration thrive

11:25 - Ingredients high performing sales professionals require

14:17 - Constructing deals worth millions and why Daniel owns the prospecting part of the process

17:20 - Why trust is the most important part of the process

20:45 - The need for consensus in the buying process

22:18 - Pipe is life, why we need to develop a healthy and robust pipeline

26:19 - The extra ingredient to enable further success

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