How to Combine the Science and Art of Selling, with Howard Brown

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Join us in the latest episode as Luigi talks with Howard Brown, the founder and CEO of Ring DNA about the art and science of selling, bringing a business success, and how psychology and selling go hand in hand.

So plug in your headphones, turn up the volume, and get ready for this cracking episode with Luigi and Howard Brown.


00:21 - Luigi introduces why this podcast is a fantastic episode

01:10 - Howard as a serial entrepreneur and how to be a true entrepreneur

01:37 - Message from our sponsor

02:43 - Announcing The Architect Revenue Podcast, hosted by Jeff Ignacio

03:46 - Howard breaks out of his shell and starts in the world of selling

04:41 - Introduced to the idea of a work ethic by his father at an early age

05:38 - The perfect sidekick to his father, Howard is greatly influenced in interest in politics and civic duty

06:40 - A critical foundation of sales success, helping people see a better version of themselves

08:08 - Transitioning from Psychology, to running his own company helping thousands of people

13:38 - The importance of understanding the target market, the persona and designing a buying experience

17:15 - The inspiration for Howard to start RingDNA

19:02 - How to integrate sales tools that empower sales and offer a better process

21:51 - Howard shares how to become more productive and efficient

25:25 - Challenges Howard experienced in building the business

30:40 - Howard's definition of selling

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