How to Create More Pipeline: The Levers You May Be Missing

Creating more pipeline is the top priority for every sales professional at the moment. On this episode of Skalable Growth, Nate Stolt, Consultant and VP of Sales, shares the five levers to pull to generate more pipeline. Nate shares his preferred method of outreach and offers tips for creating effective cold emails, including timing and proper targeting.

Key Takeways from the Episode:

1. Five levers to pull when building a pipeline for B2B sales: driving to businesses, mailers, phone, email, and LinkedIn. While the three most commonly used levers are phone, email, and LinkedIn, it's better to be awesome at one or a few of these levers than to be mediocre at all three.

2. When it comes to effective cold outreach, timing is crucial, and email can still be a powerful tool. Keeping cold emails under 55 words and using micro case studies and white papers to gather meaningful data for the target audience. Timing is also important, as only 3% to 7% of buyers are considering a solution at any given time.

3. While automation and AI are becoming increasingly advanced in sales, the value created for clients in sales conversations is crucial. Have more conversations and engage in sales is the key to success, and that moving conversations offline can help overcome objections and move deals forward. This emphasizes the importance of building relationships and making personal connections in sales.

Nate also shares his belief that humans need to do the opposite of what AI and systems are doing to be successful in sales.

Tune in to learn more about Nate Stolt's unique approach to pipeline building and how his methods can be applied to a variety of situations.

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