How to Elevate and Drive Performance, with Meghann Misiak

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In this episode we are joined by Meghann Misiak — Sales Coach & Founder of The Path to President's Club.

Meghann shares with us her story and how she helps salespeople and sales leaders achieve their goals. If you are a hungry and eager sales professional that want so achieve the President's Club in your first year or a sales leader looking to achieve $100M in revenue — you're going to get a lot of value out of this episode with Meghann.


00:21 - The Revenue Engine Podcast promo

01:42 - Introducing this week's podcast with Meghann Misiak sponsored by Vidyard

02:58 - Meghann explains how she got into the world of sales

04:06 - Hitting President's Club in the first year

04:56 - The impact President's Club has had on helping others and being empathetic

06:36 - The power of understanding the role of sales from first hand experience

07:43 - Identifying the pitfalls & challenges: The Sandler Training experience

10:00 - Sales enablement platforms need to have practical applications

12:43 - How to unlock better buying experiences for your prospects & the power of yourself "Why?"

16:04 - 'Doing' is better than searching for perfection with no action

17:14 - Seek failure

20:11 - Addressing the capability gap — do more than what is asked

24:44 - How mindset helped Meghann hit President's Club

29:48 - How to connect and geek out with Meghann

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