How to Generate More Leads and Increase Pipeline Velocity, with Shawn Finder

Increasing your pipeline velocity is critical in your sales role as it allows you to power through and close more deals. This week Shawn Finder, author of the B2B Sales handbook and renowned sales entrepreneur, joins the podcast to discuss the most important things you can be doing right now to increase your lead generation and pipeline velocity.

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The B2B Sales Handbook:


[01:38 ]– Why Shawn became an entrepreneur rather than going pro in tennis

[04:45] – Roles that helped Shawn to build his skills in sales

[07:45] – Shawn’s goals for Autoklose

[09:36] – What makes an email campaign effective?

[12:00] – When to move on to your next opportunity

[14:37] – Does a combination of multiple reach platforms affect your ability to reach your prospect?

[16:10] – Content you should be creating to give value

[19:20] – A quick recap from Luigi

[20:10] – The best way to write an email

[22:20] – Inspiration for the B2B sales handbook

[26:35] – The need for sales coaches in the industry

[28:40] – How competitive sport helped Shawn develop skills for the sales industry

[32:15] – Biggest influence in Shawn’s career

[33:49] – What would Shawn have done differently

[35:15] – You should do this right now!

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