How to Go from an SDR to an AE and Crush Your Quota, with Sarah Brazier

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Much has changed in the world of selling, especially the technology available and segmenting of the funnel - with SDRs working the top and AEs owning qualified opps. During this episode, Luigi talks to Sarah Brazier, Account Executive at Gong, who nailed it as an SDR and is successfully transitioning to the role of AE, on track to crush her quota in her first year.

A real stand-out is Sarah's relentless focus on learning and development and self-improvement. Six months before her leap to AE, Sarah determined her weaknesses in the sales process and set about developing them into her strengths.

Tune in as Sarah shares how defining her buyer persona and aligning her solution to their challenges, along with her driven mindset, has been the foundation for her success.

So many nuggets of gold for every sales professional, looking to crush quota and be the best they can be.

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