How to Recruit the Right Sales Talent, with Jeremy Donovan

How to Recruit the Right Sales Talent

When hiring an SDR, it is important you hire someone who is going to not only be effective in your team, but also has the right mindset and fits the culture of your organisation.

This week, Jeremy Donovan of SalesLoft joins the podcast to discuss what he looks for in an SDR and what you can be doing to nail your interviews.

With an untraditional entrance into the sales industry, Head of Sales Strategy and Sales Development and GM NYC at SalesLoft, co-author of Predictable Prospecting, and author of another 4 books including How to Deliver a Ted-Talk, there is something for everyone to take away and implement as Jeremy shares his knowledge with us on SDR training and leading sales teams.

Where you can find Jeremy


[03:10] – Jeremy’s non-traditional journey into the world of sales

[04:53] – Jeremy’s current role at SalesLoft

[06:00] – Jeremy’s experience in hiring SDR’s

[07:50] – The difference experience makes when hiring an SDR

[09:40] – 3 things an SDR needs and how to test for them

[15:15] – The best ways to find talent

[19:40] – What correlates with being a good sales leader

[22:10] – The recruitment process Jeremy uses

[26:45] – The importance of mindset and coach-ability when hiring

[29:48] – Building confidence with new employees

[33:14] – The time to let someone go

[41:00] – Biggest influences in Jeremy’s career

[43:00] – One thing Jeremy would do differently

[44:16] – Luigi is at it again, Sales: is it an art or science>?

[46:48] – Where you can find Jeremy