How to Scale Your Sales Engine with Kris Rudeegraap, CEO of Sendoso

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Growth and Scale don't occur because you are in the right place at the right time. Driving the revenue engine comes from creating the right culture with the right people and having the vision to make it happen. During this episode, Kris shares his story on how he scaled Sendoso by building a revenue engine.


0.30 - Welcome to the Revenue Engine Podcast

0.53 - Introducing this week's guest Kris Rudeegraap and the connection Rosalyn has to Sendoso, the journey Kris has had from AE to founder, and why branding matters.  

2.04 - Kris is officially welcomed to the Revenue Engine Podcast  

3.32 - Kris shares his sales journey and why he started Sendoso.  

6.41 - The evolution of Sendoso and how the value proposition is still core to the companies growth.  

7.43 - Kris talks about dreaming and achieving what’s possible and owning a category

10.24 - Having competitors attack the space means you are doing something well.

12.29 - Field marketing and how the virtual world has changed

14.02 - The impact on COVID and how this has helped Sendoso grow

16.04 -Philosophy around driving customer success and value, and how that has contributed to revenue acceleration?

17.39 - Brand and culture and how they drive brand

22.06 - The elements that contributed to the high growth success of Sendoso

23.09 - When to figure out your sales engine

25.47 - Kris talks about what he would have done differently if he had the opportunity  

27.23 - One thing everyone needs to know about Kris

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