How to Sell More by Thinking Like a CRO, with Warren Zenna

What does it take to be a successful Sales Professional? Is it the ability to say the right things at the right time? Is it the ability to prospect and create net-new opps? Or is it the ability to build meaningful relationships?

A successful Sales Professional is one who does....yep, you guessed it, ALL of the above. Some sellers find certain parts of the role easier than others. When you think about sales, one could argue it hasn't changed at all. Prospects have problems, a need, sellers have products or services that fix the problem. Buyer and seller interact, buyer sees value and BOOM, transaction takes place.

The concept of sales hasn't really changed. What has changed is the way buyers and sellers communicate, and the functions of the sales roles.

This week we are joined by Warren Zenna, a Chief Revenue Officer expert who shares his journey. From being fired early in his career, becoming an actor, then to sales, before moving into a leadership role.

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