How to Sell More with Gap Selling, with Keenan

This week’s guest is a little controversial with some of what he says not going down too well with a few people in our industry, but with so much knowledge and experience, there is a lot of value Jim Keenan gives us Sales Professionals. Author of Gap Selling and Not Taught, Keenan is the founder and CEO of A Sales Guy Inc.

He is passionate and raw, be ready to hit mute if the kids are around but keep your notepad handy for the notes you’ll want to take down on how you can find the gap to win more sales.

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[04:30] – Keenan’s beliefs on sales

[07:20] – The difference between sales and marketing

[08:35] – Inspiration for writing Gap Selling

[14:05] – The reason why it is NEVER about you

[17:10] – The most vital truth bombs that Keenan knows and what happens if you take them away

[20:15] – How you should open when you don’t know what the problem is

[23:55] – The questions Keenan asks when selling

[26:40] – What you should be training your team to do (Understanding the impacts that problems cause)

[33:10] – Some non-negotiables to help your customer in the sales process

[36:40] – Weakest link for teams in the sales process

[37:05] – What makes a high-performance sales professional so successful

[38:40] – Sales: a science or an art?

[42:02] – Biggest influence in Keenan’s career

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