How to Sell Virtually, with Julie Hansen

In March 2020 the world changed and over night everyone went virtual. Sales professionals all over the world needed to pivot. Outside sellers became inside sellers. Everyone jumped online searching for video conferencing equipment.

For most people the remote working model was thought to be a short one. Now almost 18 months in, the remote working model is here to stay. Yes some are heading back into the office but for many the remote working model is here to stay.

Selling virtually is a skill and this weeks Julie Hansen joins the Sales IQ podcast to share insight and techniques on how to sell virtually. Julie is an expert when it comes to selling virtually and has trained thousands on how to present to camera. Julie has spent a number of years teaching sales professionals, how to master the art of presenting and selling in a virtual environment.

It doesn't matter how long we sell, how long we've been in our role. We've always got an opportunity to improve and enhance what we do.

Tune in to this terrific episode - it's for all sellers impacted in these crazy times trying to get more out of the sales process in the virtual environment.

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