How to Turn Customers into Raging Fans with Udi Ledergor, CMO of Gong

Why is it that some companies experience hyper growth while others don’t?

This week we get the opportunity to talk with Udi Ledergor, the CMO of Gong, who shares with us why being obsessed with your customer will accelerate growth.

Gong has achieved incredible results, and are consistently rated number 1 by their fan base. Thousands of companies don't just work with Gong, they have become raging fans.

During the episode, Rosalyn uncovers the secret to Gong's success, and how anyone trying to drive the Revenue Engine can achieve achieve the same success.


00.35 - Welcome to the Revenue Engine Podcast

01.32 - Introducing this week's guest Udi Ledergor CMO of Gong

02.52 - Udi talks about his career and when he decided to move to Gong

05.38 - Trends in the revenue intelligence category and why data analytics is key to drive more revenue

08.48 - How do you stay ahead and build a product that customers love

13.25 - The importance of customer feedback

17.00 - Turning customers into fans and how to connect your brand with the customer  

20.13 - Gong promotes during Superbowl and crazy ass ideas to help your brand  

23.15 - Why embracing diversity will help companies outperform...and doing it for the right reasons

27.00 - Gong’s operating principles and why turning customers into fans should be number one

32.53 - The one thing many people might not know about Udi

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