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Knowing what your customer values most should be a bright guiding star on their journey through your pipeline, but assuming they value what you value is a common error that can lead you in entirely the wrong direction.

In this episode, Darryl is joined by Pricing Expert, Speaker and Author Mark Stiving, and they're here to flip your thinking on pricing on its head. Darryl and Mark to signpost three buyer journeys that demonstrate just how fluid price sensitivity is, illustrate how those journeys shift the perspective of price, and outline what your activities should be regardless of the customer's journey (or your own perspective). They'll also remind you that you are not normal.


Find Mark on LinkedIn, at the Impact Pricing website, or at his website.

His latest book is called Selling Value: How to Win More Deals at Higher Prices and you'll find it on Amazon here. His other books are Impact Pricing and Win Keep Grow.

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