Increasing Conversions With Social Selling, with Daniel Disney

As Daniel says, Social Selling is simply using social media to sell and with all the discussion around cold calling vs social selling we need a better understanding of how to utilize social channels to engage with our prospects and provide value early in the relationship.

Joining us on the podcast this week is Daniel Disney, a Master of social selling. Daniel began his career in retail before moving into selling software, online training and advertising using only traditional sales and prospecting methods. 5 Years ago, he pushed his selling strategies onto social media has quickly become a leading expert on social selling.

Daniel is a master of his craft and through this podcast he shows us what tools we available to us while also showing us how we can incorporate them into our own sales techniques to become better Sales Professionals.

Some places you can find Daniel:

Time Stamps:

[01:10] – Daniel Introduces himself and how he got into sales

[02:20] – Discussion on Daniel’s LinkedIn

[03:15] – Daniel’s inspiration and motivation for starting his blog

[05:00] – Daniel’s definition for ‘Social Selling’

[06:30] – Cold calling vs social selling

[08:20] – The best way to start a conversation on LinkedIn

[10:00] – The importance of mindset when approaching a prospect on a social channel

[11:00] – What do you do when your prospect doesn’t respond?

[12:45] – The best time to use social selling in the sales process

[14:45] – The pillars we need to use to engage with prospects

[15:50] – What should we do to make our profile stand out?

[19:00] – Luigi asks for advice

[21:20] – How social selling and technology has changed the buying process and some of the ways we can help customers through the buying process

[23:25] – Do’s and Don’ts on social platforms

[26:40] – Social Selling VS Cold Calling AKA Dan Disney VS Darryl Praill:

[26:50] – Biggest influence and why

[28:40] – What Daniel would do differently

[29:30] – Bouncing back after an unexpected outcome