Increasing Sales Through Storytelling

The trend toward Storytelling is an unmistakable force that is sweeping across organizational gatherings, meetings, and presentations globally.

This week on INSIDE Inside Sales, we chat with one of the most successful Storytellers in North America. Ed Bilat, aka “The Closer” is the President of, a firm dedicated to helping organizational leaders and sales professionals sharpen the craft of storytelling.

Hear how Ed’s career went from Telemarketing Agent to Vice President, working in industries like Telecom, Wireless, and SaaS. Take notes as Ed describes his simple, but effective STAR Model for Storytelling: S = Situation T = Trouble A = Action R = Results, on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!


About Daryll's Guest:

As a martial arts practitioner of 30 plus years, Ed is the creator of the Aikido Selling and Negotiation method gained him international recognition for its simplicity and effectiveness. Ed, his wife, and two kids reside in Ottawa, Canada. When he is not traveling around the world consulting and speaking, Ed can be found at the local dojo practicing martial arts or in the middle of a lake paddle boarding and fishing.

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