It’s Time to Try Something New

The world continues to change and redefine the sales profession as we know it. So what better time than now to try something new and reinvent yourself?

This week on INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl is joined by the unmistakeable Costas Perkas, Sales Director at Worldwide Business Research. Darryl and Costas discuss ways you can improve your sales by simply trying something new, such as seeking feedback from those you trust and respect. They also share valuable advice on developing new skills, giving yourself permission to fail, and focusing on positive outcomes. Learn how you can improve sales by reinventing yourself on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!


About the Guest: Costas Perkas is a Sales Director for one of the world’s largest Conference organizers. Costas brings a wealth of experience in sales and leadership having developed and managed salespeople, managers, and directors, both in the UK and Singapore. As an ex-military officer, he also shares invaluable experience in critical decision-making.

INSIDE Inside Sales is hosted by Darryl Praill, CMO of VanillaSoft which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  VanillaSoft is the sponsor for INSIDE Inside Sales.