Jack’s Guide to Social Selling, with Jack Kosakowski

Jack’s Guide to social selling

In today’s sales industry, Social Selling has become a massive part of a sales professional’s career and yet so many people do not know how to use it effectively to enhance their sales ability.

This week, the leading social expert for sales and marketing Jack Kosakowski joins the podcast to show you how you can use social to enhance your sales, extend your reach and increase your online presence.

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[00:22] – Luigi introduces Social Selling as this week’s topic

[02:05] – Jack introduces himself and his journey into sales and marketing

[08:40] – Jack explains how helping his current clients develop their own strategies has in turn increased his abilities as a sales professional

[11:10] – How you as a salesperson should be building up your social content

[14:05] – Jack talks about the different content you need to create value for your customers

[16:10] – When do you take your content from social to a physical conversation?

[23:00] – Metrics to measure the effectiveness of your social

[24:50] – Luigi and Jack talk about how much time should you be spending on a lead channel

[28:00] – What you can do right now to start building your social presence

[31:20] – What attracted Jack to using social and his prediction for sales people on social

[40:30] – Small steps you can take to build your social presence

[43:50] – How much should you be sharing per day?

[45:20] – How do you know if the content you create is valuable to your audience?

[46:55] – Things we should never do on social

[49:55] – Jack talks about the people that inspired his sales career

[52:10] – If jack could go back in time what would he do differently