Making Your Customers Successful with Rosie Roca, CCO at Hopin

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“We are all in customer success…” per Rosie Roca, Chief Customer Officer of Hopin, the company that is providing a virtual venue for live online events, which experienced significant growth in 2020 with all events, meetings, and social moving online and virtual.  

In this episode of The Revenue Engine Podcast, Rosie shares her incredible journey from her time working with the New England Patriots, her time at both Harvard and at Stanford, and her time at a start-up which led to an incredible career at Salesforce from a Customer Success Manager to the SVP of Customer Experience.

Rosalyn and Rosie also discuss how we are all in customer success and how to be a true champion and partner in driving value and helping your customers be successful...ultimately leading to what we all want - revenue growth and customer retention.

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